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About the Company

MiPV specialise in the manufacture and supply of vehicle integrated photovoltaics for the leisure and commercial vehicle markets.

The Sun is the single most important source of renewable energy.
In a single hour, the Sun delivers enough energy accross the Earth’s surface to power the planet for a year.

MiPV’s vision is simple: To develop a highly efficient, low profile, flexible and lightweight solar PV solution suitable for application on commercial and leisure vehicles without the need for heavy and expensive installation.

Using 3rd generation CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenide) cell technology, MIPV have developed an efficient, powerful and truly flexible solar module for the vehicle market.

MIPV solar modules have a unique adhesive backing which means they can be installed directly onto the vehicles body without the need for expensive and heavy racking systems. This means that MIPV modules can be installed by almost anyone without the need for any specialist skills or knowledge.

Key Features

  • Module output of 120W
  • Best in class thim-film technology
  • No ballast or racking required
  • Low installed weight – under 3kg
  • Excellend low light performance
  • CIGS cell technology
  • Flexible
Contact Details
GCELL Building
Southlake Drive
Imperial Park
NP10 8AS
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Contact the office on:
0330 113 1439

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