TyrePal for Motorhomes

Monitor all your tyre pressures – even while you drive!

TyrePal continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of your tyres
– and warns you when things aren’t right.

TyrePal warns you of:

  • Low pressure that causes excessive tyre wear and high fuel consumption
  • High pressure that affects road holding, braking distance and tyre wear
  • Overheating – a potential blowout
  • Punctures – no matter how small, once it causes pressure to be lost, you’ll be alerted

How TyrePal works:

There is no need to remove the tyres – simply screw on the sensors in place of your dust caps. These sensors continuously measure the pressure and temperature of the tyres and transmit the information wirelessly to a monitor that displays information and sounds an alarm for any abnormality.

TyrePal supply Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems to suit all kinds of vehicle, from cars, motorhomes and caravans to commercial vehicles, buses and construction vehicles.

TPMS for Motorhomes:

Your tyres are arguably the most important component in your motorhome as they are the only thing that keep you on the road – and yet we know very little about them, especially when driving.

A TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system keeps you in touch with your tyres and can be set up for just the motorhome (a Solar 4) or for all the wheels if you are towing a trailer or vehicle (a TC215B in order to link and unlink the trailer) 

If you are monitoring just 4 wheels the TyrePal Solar 4 is an ideal unit – it has a small dashboard mounted monitor that displays the pressure of four tyres simultaneously and if an additional sensor is purchased, can be set up to monitor the spare tyre as well. Temperatures are available at the press of a button, and warnings are both visual and audible.

The Solar 4 is the Auto Express Recommended TPMS for 2017

All the systems will monitor up to 99psi (6.8bar) so can be used on all motorhomes. If monitoring pressures above 99psi is required they have systems which go to 188psi.

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