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SOS Emergency 112

EU citizens can contact emergency services from anywhere in the European Union by dialling 112 from fixed or mobile phones. The free Emergency Code 112 service is designed to work alongside existing national codes.

However, only one in four Europeans knows that this life-saving number exists in other member states and nearly a third of 112 callers have encountered language problems. The emergency 112 number was introduced in 1991.

Pet Travel In Europe.

Travelling with your pet can be easy.  Whether you're set to explore Britain or have the desire to traipse through Europe or around the world, pets make wonderful companions. Follow a few simple guidelines before you leave to make sure your pet is in good health and cared for on your travels.

E111 Form

What is the E111? UK residents are entitled to free or reduced cost, state provided health care when visiting European Union (EU) countries. To obtain the cover, a valid E111 form is required, there are new forms and these are avaialable free of charge at the post office. An E111 form is a document of proof entitling you to free or reduced emergency medical treatment within the European Economic Area. Although the Form E111 gives UK residents free or reduced-cost emergency treatment when travelling in the European Economic Area.

Go Box

Visitors using Austrian motorways and "S" roads must display a Motorway Vignette on their vehicle as they enter Austria. Failure to have one will mean a heavy, on the spot fine. Motorway Vignettes are obtainable at all major border crossings into Austria and at larger petrol stations. All vehicles above 3.5 tonnes maximum permitted laden weight and using the Austrian network of motorways and expressways are required to attach a small device - called the "GO-Box" - to their windscreen. Note that this includes larger private vehicles such as motor caravans that are above the weight limit.

Holiday Check list,

Its always annoying when you are just leaving for another great relaxing holiday. Have I remembered all the every-day essentials? Have I checked this and that? Is everything in the van? I just can’t squeeze any more in! It is essential to have a checklist, so before you depart have a look at our holiday list to help make yours a stress free holiday.    HAVE A GREAT TIME…

Entiva Mobile Entertainment Systems

Formed in 2008, ENTiVA Systems mission was to supply easy to use technology to the motorhome and marine market.

The Motorhome Club

We have a wealth of experience and are full of enthusiasm and excitement
at the prospect of expanding our modern and forward thinking Club.

Brit Stops

Inspired by the France Passion scheme, Brit Stops is a network of hosted pit stops all over Britian, where Motorhome tourists can rest, stop over, meet local people and enjoy local produce.

Brit Stops operates on a no-charge basis, with no fees to stay with each host, but the opportunity to browse their wares and discover new things.

Camperstop Europe 2019 Edition

Over 10,750 Motorhome Stopovers to discover in Europe!

Over a million motorhomes drive through Europe every year, so it is important that motorhomers are well informed about the nightstops when travelling. 

Ignorance concerning matters such as legislation, overnight stops and motorhome service points, causes irritation and reduces the fun of travelling with the motorhome.

Camperstop Europe offers extensive information for motorhomers


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