Thetford explains use of Concentrated Toilet Fluid

Why do you see more concentrated products on the market?

Thetford explains.


A concentrated toilet liquid is a logical next step. In recent years, we have seen products, packs and dosages getting smaller in household laundry, cleaning products and cosmetics. These concentrated products are lighter in weight and save space. Weight and space have been an issue for campers for many years. 


The product developers at Thetford started to develop toilet liquids that give the same results as the existing product but with a smaller dosage. And, that wasn’t as easy as it seems. In fact, as with many recipes, it’s about finding the right balance between the various familiar ingredients and the search for new ingredients that give that little bit extra. After much testing and research, a concentrated product has been released, Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated. The suppression of nasty smells and the reduction of gas build-up have actually been improved compared to the Aqua Kem Blue. And it even liquefies waste better to easily empty your tank. Great result.  

Meanwhile more concentrated products have been introduced, like the Aqua Kem Blue Lavender Concentrated, Aqua Kem Green Concentrated and Aqua Rinse Concentrated. 


Less space and less weight

A concentrated product fits a smaller bottle. Reason enough to take a closer look at the bottle. The iconic angular bottles of Thetford are very recognisable. The new bottles for the concentrated liquids have a sturdy and compact look. They are still white, with the same coloured cap and easy content strip on the side. Furthermore, the bottle is handy and small. The heavier bottle weighing over 2 kg has been replaced by this powerful little bottle of less than 800 grams. 

When you consider how often bring several heavy bottles with you, you can quickly benefit from the small light weight bottle of Concentrated. With 2 bottles of Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated Blue, you easily save up to 2.5 kg. 


Less lugging, more space and less weight in your caravan or motorhome!


The bottle is smaller and lighter, but lasts just as long. There are as many dosages in a small bottle of Concentrated as in the regular big bottle. The labels of the Thetford products show the number of dosages in each bottle, providing an easy comparison between the Concentrated and the regular products. 


Dosing is easy

Comparing Concentrated liquid products with so called unit dose products like sachets or tabs, Concentrated liquid gives another major advantage. By using a liquid product, you are in control of choosing the amount of liquid you use. This is a great advantage because you can adapt your dosage to the ambient temperature. On more tropical days, simply dose a bit more. Enjoying some chilly days, you can dose less. Or on a short trip of 1 or 2 days, you can adjust the dosage. It’s up to you.


Dosing less

A concentrated product simply means less product is needed to get the same result. To enable our waste-holding tank additives to do their work, add 2 to 3 litres of water to the waste-holding tank to prepare the toilet for use. Diluting or dissolving the additive with water makes the mixture ready for use. The added water ensures sufficient fluid depth for the first waste that enters the tank. 

The ready-for-use mixture must cover the waste as much as possible to ensure that the additives do their work everywhere.


Both Aqua Kem Green Concentrated and Aqua Rinse Concentrated are septic tank safe and environmental consciousness. 

Aqua Kem Green Concentrated was recently one of the subjects in a test by one of the leading European RV magazines and was named Test Winner. Compared to the other green products, the Aqua Kem Green Concentrated provides strong odour control for more than 4 days, smells nice and has good functionality in terms of liquefying waste. 


3 times more per transport

An advantage of a concentrated product is the smaller bottle. This not only benefits the user, but also the environment. It simply requires less packaging material in terms of both the plastic bottle and cardboard box.  A pallet can now carry 2-3 times more: from 288 bottles of Aqua Kem Blue to 864 bottles of Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated. This results in fewer logistic movements within Europe. 

Posted: 10 Apr 2019