Stronghold Security Products Ltd

Stronghold Security Products' founder directors have designed and manufactured renowned brand name vehicle security products since 1987.


In response to changing customer needs the Stronghold Range is now being developed.

Research dictates customer requirements for
Insurance approved products
Quality at a lower price
Clear communication
Swift after sales
Reliable customer care
A continuous stream of new products

Southern Motor Security

As one of Hampshire’s leading vehicle security specialists, Southern Motor Security are able to provide a wide range of in-vehicle security solutions. 


They only supply quality solutions that they know will do their job well. Combine this with their expert fitting and you have solutions that not only secure your vehicle, but give you peace of mind.

Outsmart The Thief

Outsmart the Thief specialise in bespoke security products designed for the leisure industry.

Their Motorhome Defender™ system was at the forefront of technology for leisure vehicles for over ten years and Outsmart The Thief are proud of its 100% stop rate.

Your motorhome represents a major commitment in monetary terms; likely only second to your home, so you should both care for and protect that valuable investment.

LockDown® Motorhome and Caravan Security Systems

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