Price slashed on ultra-lightweight ebike that's perfect Motorhome enthusiasts

THIS super-lightweight electric 'e-bike' is being billed as perfect for motorhome and caravan enthusiasts. 

And retailers have slashed the price by £1,000… just in time for Christmas. 

The market for e-bikes - standard cycles fitted with an electric motor to make them easier to ride – is booming in the UK.

And the carbon-fibre ‘PS1’, created by leading premium brand BESV, is fast winning fans in the motorhome community, because of how easy they are to transport. 

With a total weight of only 17.5 kg, it is the lightest commuter-orientated e-bike in the world today. 

Now the UK’s longest-running e-bike retailer, 50Cycles, is offering the PS1 for just £1,995 - a £1,000 discount on its usual cost. 

Scott Snaith, founder of 50Cycles and a huge admirer of the PS1, said: “We know that weight is a big issue for motorhomers and caravanners.  

“When you’re touring, every extra pound has to be carefully considered. 

“Which is why the PS1 is such an appealing product for those always fearful of running overweight vehicles. 

"Most of our e-bikes weigh-in well over 20kg. A couple of this year's dual-battery models tipped the scales nearer 30kg. 

“But at 17.5kg fully loaded with lights, luggage rack and mudguards. the PS1 isn’t just light, it’s also attractive and comfortable too.

“It also has proper dual suspension, with sprung forks up front and a shock absorber behind.

“It simply means that your tour - from front door, to open road, or then countryside or town – can be enhanced knowing you’ve got the PS1 with you.”


Ebikes all feature a small electric motor which acts as an aid to standard pedal power, making it easy for riders to tackle steep terrain or longer outings with ease. 

The PS1 boasts a quiet but powerful 250W motor, which responds to pedalling via a torque sensor. 

There’s an easy-to-read digital display, which shows your speed, distance and battery level. 

The dedicated BESV smartphone apps also lets you connect with your bike via Bluetooth. 

The PS1 is available in red, yellow and white, and there’s optional bags which clip neatly onto the luggage rack. 

Scott adds: “The PS1 is essentially great for anyone where either weight or space is limited. We’ve sold these to everyone from pilots to yacht owners over the years, and we’re delighted to be able to offer them now for such a competitive price.”

50Cycles customers can choose to add a carbon fibre rack bag for an additional £60, or upgrade to a 36V 6.6Ah battery for £400, or a 36V 10.5Ah for £500. 

Loughborough-based 50Cycles was founded 15 years ago and is a market leader in UK e-bike sales.


Posted: 10 Dec 2018