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Grove Products Ltd - Kronings Movers

Kronings caravan mover for twin axle caravans.
Fully automatic, with two motors. Suitable for caravans up to 2300kg

Compact, clean design and minimal maintenance - easy to use.
Five year warranty.

Digital control box. Remote control has buttons to control the optional extra Electric corner steadies.


Kronings caravan mover for twin axle caravans.
With 4 motors and fully automatic.

Grove Products Ltd - Truma Caravan Mover

Manoeuvre simply and effortlessly with precision to your desired location via remote control.

The Truma Caravan Mover is tyre friendly, even when turning in wet conditions. The Durasoft drive allows for precision accuracy and safe manoeuvring, even on slopes and provides soft start and stop for smooth starting and halting. 

Truma Caravan Mover

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