Doggy Bag

The Doggy Bag from The Microfibre Store dries and cleans your pooch in minutes.

The Microfibre Store Doggy Bag has been created by the experts with many many years’ experience with all things Microfibre, especially mops, cloths, towels and robes.

The Doggy Bag doesn’t just absorb ten times more water and slobber, but sand and mud too! Leave it in the car, zip your pooch up and man’s best friend will be dry before you get home!

  • Ideal to keep in the car for after walkies
  • Made for dogs who love a swim
  • Contains the mess, mud and sand
  • No more wet smelly towels - Just shake out after use
  • Machine washable up to 90⁰
  • Great after bath time
  • Superabsorbent and quick drying
  • Less doggy laundry

The Doggie Towel

  • Ideal seat covers
  • Cuts grooming down massively
  • Protect your car's back seat as well as your dog's baskets and bed
  • Absorbs the bulk of the water off your dog and cuts your grooming time down massively
  • Just shake after use to get rid of moisture

The towels and Bags dry out quicker than anything else on the market, so no need to wash them after every use.

No stinky smelly towels and less doggy laundry.

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