Belmont Leisure

Enjoy the freedom of a motorhome, without the costs and hassle of ownership


Motorhoming has been rapidly growing in the UK as it is a fantastic way of experiencing the great outdoors more comfortably than with a tent and more flexibly than with a caravan or hotel.


Belmont Leisure would like to invite you to join a group of like-minded individuals that don't want the hassle of owning an expensive asset that sits around for most of the year but do want all the benefits a motorhome brings


Freedom and Flexibility


Belmont have two ways of getting involved: 

The Holiday Share Scheme and The Motorhome Investment Scheme.


The Holiday Share Scheme

Very simply, our Motorhome Holiday Share Scheme offers you fifteen weeks of motorhome adventures spread across three years - without you having to buy a motorhome.

You can pay a one-off fee or have the option to pay over the entire period to take the same motorhome away up to fifteen times.

Basically you share a motorhome. Each year for three years, every sharer may take their motorhome away for two weeks in high season, two weeks in mid season and one week in low season. That way, all sharers benefit from the spring season, the summer sun, the autumnal colours and the crisp, frosty beauty of winter.

It’s far more economical than paying for separate holidays when you want them and far less stressful than buying your own motorhome, because Belmont take care of all the servicing, cleaning, storage and insurance.


The Motorhome Investment Scheme.

More and more individuals, couples and families are opting for ‘staycations’ rather than expensive foreign holidays. Motorhome based adventures have become increasingly popular and more and more people are opting to hire a motorhome for those adventures. 

That’s why Belmont’s sister business, The Motorhome Holiday Company was established who specialise in the hire of luxury motorhomes.  They are growing rapidly and need to up their capacity.

Belmont Leisure invite you to join a group of like-minded individuals to crowdfund the growth of and enable a wider audience to enjoy a fantastic leisure activity.

You have the choice to take your 6% return as either cash or discounts against motorhome hire through The Motorhome Holiday Company.

Don't forget to mention that you found this information through the World Of Motor Homes website!
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