Bailey of Bristol leisure vehicles complete a 5,000-mile intercontinental caravan and motorhome adventure

  • The 5,000 mile ‘Bristol to Bosphorus Challenge’ set off from Bailey’s South Liberty Lane production facility, travelled through Europe across the Bosphorus strait in Turkey into Asia as far as the coast of the Black Sea and then back again
  • The journey was undertaken by 21 people using two Bailey caravans (a Pursuit 550-4 & a Pegasus GT70 Rimini) and one Bailey motorhome (an Advance 76-4), took 21 days to complete and saw the team visit 21 countries en route
  • Bailey’s patented Alu-Tech design technology creates vehicles that are more robust, more durable and yet lighter, offering greater protection against the elements – making them ideally suited for this challenge.
  • To date over 50,000 leisure vehicles have been built using the ground-breaking Bailey Alu-Tech construction system
  • This the third real life long distance test Bailey has undertaken in recent times following successful trips across the Australian Outback (‘West to East Challenge’) & to the Arctic Circle (‘Arctic Adventure’) 

Details of the team’s progress can be found on the Bailey of Bristol Facebook page as well as on the company’s Twitter @BaileyofBristol (#Bristanbul) and Instagram feeds @ baileyofbristol (#Bristanbul

Bailey of Bristol leisure vehicles have successfully completed a 5,000-mile intercontinental caravan and motorhome adventure. The Bristol to Bosphorus Challenge is the latest in a series of marathon endurance tests designed not only to demonstrate the strength and durability of Bailey products but also to show the fantastic time you can have on an extended touring holiday.    

This time the company took two caravans (a current Pursuit 550-4 and Pegasus GT70 Rimini) and one motorhome (an Advance 76-4) from the company’s South Bristol production facility, across Europe, over the Bosporus strait in Turkey and into Asia as far as the coast of the Black Sea and then back again. In total, this marathon journey took 21 days to complete and saw the team visit 21 countries in the process. The route took in some of Europe’s most iconic locations, including the historic city of Dubrovnic in Croatia (setting for much of the Game of Thrones television series) the Galata Bridge in Istanbul and Bran Castle (home of Count Dracula) in Romania on the way.

Other than the distances and times involved, the main obstacles on the journey were man-made. Variable road conditions, unpredictable local driving behaviour and overly bureaucratic border controls at times made this the most challenging expedition to date. However, the 21-strong team collectively negotiated every obstacle put in their path whilst the cars, caravans and motorhomes were able to take every one of the 5,000 miles travelled comfortably in their stride.

As with all Bailey leisure vehicles the ‘Bailey to Bosporus’ caravans and motorhome are built using the company’s patented Alu-Tech body shell construction system. This award winning technology creates vehicles that are more robust, more durable and yet lighter than those manufactured using conventional methods to keep owners comfortable, safe and secure all year round. To date over 50,000 Bailey caravans and motorhomes have been built using this method and are currently being enjoyed all over the world.

This latest long-distance endurance test follows two similar journeys taken with Bailey leisure vehicles in recent years:

West to East Challenge 2015: 3,500 miles from the west coast to the east coast of Australia through the centre of the country with two Bailey Alu-Tech caravans.

Arctic Adventure 2017: 5,000 miles from the UK to Northern Finland inside the Arctic Circle and back with two Bailey Alu-Tech caravans and one motorhome.

Talking about the successful completion of the ‘Bristol to Bosphorus Challenge’ Bailey Marketing Director and a member of the team Simon Howard, said:

“Since the introduction of the Alu-Tech construction system nearly ten years ago we have put our leisure vehicles through their paces on the leading test-tracks in the UK and Europe and as far afield as the Australian Outback, the Arctic Circle and now Asia. In all instances they have stood up to everything both the terrain and the weather has thrown at them, meaning you can be confident that a Bailey Alu-Tech caravan or motorhome will take you where you want to go”.

“In addition to providing a thorough examination of our products the ‘Bristol to Bosphorus Challenge’ has also taken us through some of the most exciting places on the planet, hopefully demonstrating in the process that if you put your mind to it you really can go anywhere and do anything in a modern leisure vehicle."As they travelled across the continent the team posted regular blogs/vlogs and social media updates via the Bailey and The Caravan and Motorhome Club social media channels details of which are as follows:–

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Posted: 04 May 2018