Adrian Flux Insurance - Caravan

Comprehensive cover for a range of caravans from Adrain Flux.
Special schemes designed for standard and imported caravans in normal or out-of-the-ordinary situations.


Not being a legal requirement to insure your caravan, so you may be wondering to yourself "Why do I need caravan insurance?"
Caravans cost a lot of money to replace, and insurance can be surprisingly inexpensive, so skimping here can prove to be a false economy.


All Adrian Flux policies are designed especially for the out of the ordinary and their staff have a high degree of knowledge in this field, which means they can find you cheap caravan insurance, whether you have an imported Hymer or Tabbert van, or if you have a trusty Bailey or Abbey. They offer cover for all manner of unusual and individual caravans, so if you have a classic Airstream, a folding caravan, or a larger imported caravan from Europe, they can offer assistance.

With discounts for membership of a wide range of touring, camping and caravanning clubs, as well as great deals when you obtain your car and caravan insurance through Adrian Flux, we are confident that we offer some of the best insurance services for UK carravan owners.

UK models as well as European imports and American imports can all be covered.

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