A Suitcase that become a Scooter and Affordable GPS Tracking



SunTech UK are a specialist company that invents, designs and manufactures innovative products have come up with an amazing foldable electric scooter that folds up to the size of a suitcase weighing just 17kg.

eFOLDI is the world’s lightest folding scooter that can travel 14 miles on one charge at up to 8mph. 

It is a Scooter and a Chair that folds into a suitcase that can be easily put into a car boot, put in an under seat locker in a motorhome, taken onto public transport, cruise ships or onto aeroplanes. 

Merging the durability of a mobility vehicle and the cool appeal of an urban transporter eFOLDI is a travel companion representing freedom fashion and fun.

Testimonial from Richard Branson: “eFOLDi is a folding magic, fantastic invention! Simply brilliant!”

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Rewire Security - Affordable Tracking and a further discount via World of Motorhomes and Caravans

Offering effective and smart GPS Trackers, Rewire Security have a range of products including personal trackers, asset trackers, home security, CCTV and much more.

With their range of products you can keep in eye on your vehicles, your children, elderly relatives or anyone you need to locate.

GPSLive Cloud Based GPS Tracking Software can be accessed using a PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone in real-time and allows users to view the location of their assets. GPSLive software provides users with advanced mapping features such as geo-fence zones, route history, event alarms, instant notifications and usage reports.

Even better still if you enter the code WoM in the box ‘Coupon Code’ you will receive a 10% discount across all the products.

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Posted: 14 May 2018